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QuizXpress Brand Story

We built the all-in-one Game Show Production system. So you can create high-end, professional gameshows.

We are a software development company based in The Netherlands and we specialize in the development of custom audience response solutions and interactive gaming concepts. Our mission is to offer the most flexible, most productive and best looking game show production software on the market.

Our story

Once upon a time, Michel and Bart found themselves working at a very serious company, where they diligently crafted software for the insurance industry…

Every quarter, the company tasked a team with organizing a light-hearted event for their hardworking colleagues to unwind and enjoy a drink. When it was our turn, we decided on something unique—a quiz night. Our first gameshow was a makeshift creation using an old keyboard hacked with 6 guitar pedals connected to function keys via long wires, all tied together with a plugin we coded for PowerPoint. With this setup, we orchestrated an entertaining quiz show, hosting the event ourselves and sparking laughter and enjoyment among our colleagues. It was during this moment that we realized two things: some people excel at presenting quizzes, while others, like us, thrive in crafting the tools for them. Additionally, we discovered that quiz shows are a delightful way to engage with an audience—our colleagues were actively participating and having a blast.

Despite a minor hiccup where one of the guitar switches accidentally triggered the F1 function key, opening the PowerPoint Help window (a classic beta version mishap!), the evening was a resounding success.

Inspired by this experience, we embarked on creating prototypes for a more sophisticated system, even experimenting with designing our own wireless buzzers. Our dedication bore fruit, leading to the birth of the first official release of QuizXpress! As word spread and we gained our initial clients, QuizXpress quickly gained traction. Establishing partnerships with like-minded individuals globally, we worked together to put QuizXpress on the world map.

In collaboration with our professional users, we evolved QuizXpress into the comprehensive game show solution it is today. Our company has grown to be a significant player in the market, yet we remain agile enough to provide tailored solutions for our clients. Now available in 5 languages and utilized in over 1500 locations worldwide, QuizXpress has become a staple in interactive entertainment.

But does this mean our journey is nearing its end? Not even close! Stay tuned for exciting developments ahead—there’s more to come from QuizXpress!

Game Show Crew owner Bart

Bart van Haaff

Bart’s curiosity for understanding the inner workings of things has been a lifelong pursuit. Originally studying electronics, he transitioned to software engineering, where he found his true passion. Creating engaging, visually appealing experiences that bring joy to people and assist others in growing their businesses brings him immense satisfaction. When he’s not immersed in coding for QuizXpress, you can find him outdoors, enjoying quality time with his family, or finding peace on his yoga mat.

Game Show Crew owner Michel

Michel Puype

After his graduation from the Technical University Delft and working in the insurance software industry at HP in various roles, Michel started working on his life work together with Bart. QuizXpress!

Next to drawing out the QuizXpress road map together with Bart and working on the technical bits, Michel also takes care of sales and customer contacts.

In his spare time he likes to spend time with his family, play guitar in one of his bands, go for a run, ride the mountain bike, fire up the BBQ or travel around!