Using QuizXpress for your

Education and Training

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Using QuizXpress for your Education and Training

Quiz during training, presenter in front on screen showing a question

Keep your audience engaged by mixing your instruction, lesson or course with game show elements to get the message across!

As a training agency, use QuizXpress to create quizzes for your expertise area(s) like for example first aid, fire or security awareness training.

Want to brainstorm with your employees or colleagues in a fun and interactive way ? Poll the audience for input and get the discussion started.

Utilize QuizXpress in the classroom or college hall to make lessons more interactive and exciting. 

Want people from home to join in ? Combine buzzers onsite with QuizXpress Mobile for the people at home so everybody can play along!

Want to know more about how QuizXpress is used for education and training ?

Mobile quiz in classroom

Start using QuizXpress for your Education and Training today!

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