Using QuizXpress for your


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Using QuizXpress for your Pubquizzes

Quiz presenter in a pub behind the laptop with microphone in hand looking at the camera

Reinvent pubquizzing with QuizXpress! No pens, no paper, no ‘googling’!

Increase turnover by organizing weekly pub quizzes in your pub, bar, restaurant or hotel.

Create your own pubquizzes using one of the many formats supported by QuizXpress or
subscribe for recurring quiz content with one of our content partners.

Hook up your laptop to one or more external screens to present your high quality game show to the audience. Or play ‘headless’ without a screen using mobile phones where all content is shown on the phones.

Mix the pubquiz with some mini games to further spice up the show!

Depending on your wishes, the participants can use mobile phones (an internet connection can be used but isn’t required), keypads, buzzers or a combination of these.

Reinvent pub trivia by mixing various famous game formats like Jeopardy, Who wants to be a Millionaire and Family Feud. Even throw in a round of Trivia Bingo!

Want to know how our partners from Redtooth Ltd in the United Kingdom and TimeOut entertainment in Australia help their clients as content distributors ?

Table in a hotel with players around it showing final results of pub quiz on mobile phone

Start using QuizXpress for your Pubquizzes today!

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