Using QuizXpress for your

Virtual pubquiz trivia

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Using QuizXpress for your Virtual pubquiz trivia

Virtual quiz green screens studio in South Korea


For obvious reasons the number of events hosted online has dramatically increased since the beginning of 2020.

By using QuizXpress Mobile you can take your branded, multimedia game shows online and host them as a virtual pubquiz for your business clients, colleagues, students or friends!

Play with up to 5000 people online, individually or in teams, where players use our buzzerpad website to play or use the QuizXpress Smart Buzzer, available for iOS and Android.

The virtual game show is streamed through a streaming platform like for example Zoom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube or Twitch.

Do you want private access to a virtual pubquiz or sell tickets for a quiz ? You can indicate which ticket codes are accepted. In this case, players need to enter their ticket code on the phone in order to gain access to the quiz.

You can also use QuizXpress Mobile for hybrid events, part online and part onsite. Mobile can even be mixed with our hardware buzzers!


Want to know how our U.K. partner Redtooth Ltd ran quizzes for tens of thousands of players during lockdown ?

Redtooth SmartQuiz virtual trivia quiz event with question as well as the presenter shown

Start using QuizXpress for your Virtual pubquiz trivia today!

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