Fundraiser game show with famous quizzers

Create a branded game show raising awareness for your or your clients cause. QuizXpress has a lot to offer when it comes to fundraising as it offers several elements which are perfect for raising funds! Hold an auction in QuizXpress using the auction module Players pay to play along, use the Wheel of Fortune mini game to […]


Cusom made quiz booth for a head to head quiz in a museum

Educate your visitors by setting up a quiz room or by creating quiz booths that can be played by individuals or duo’s.

Trade Fairs

HG Cleaning trade fair quiz with exciting quizmaster

Attract people to your booth by offering a dazzling game show.

Education and Training

Quiz during training, presenter in front on screen showing a question

Keep your audience engaged and mix a presentation with a game show element to get the message across.

Kings day community quiz

Game show with big crowd in tent on Kingsday in the Netherlands

QuizXpress is used for public events to bring communities together! In the Netherlands, kings day is a national holiday taking place on the 27th of April with lots of community activities. In lots of places big tents are pitched with a podium inside. One of the favorite activities is of course running a game show.  […]

Lockdown quizzing in Switzerland : ConfiQuiz!

ConfiQuiz virtual quiz with QuizXpress

The BLA BLA BAR in Switzerland ( uses QuizXpress very successfully to entertain clients weekly with pubquizzes. When the COVID pandemic hit the world, he joined forces with a video production company and started streaming the weekly quizzes online. Next to his regular audience, thousands and thousands of players have been playing along since the […]

QuizXpress on TV

QuizXpress used in multimedia trivia TV game Show

Various TV stations use the flexibility and branding options of QuizXpress to produce a cost-effective but professional game show. QuizXpress even supports seamless integration of stage lights as a part of the show! Please find below some examples of TV stations using QuizXpress in Nepal, Ghana, and Somalia.

Training: know your dangerous goods

Pubquiz player responding by pressing keypad

QuizXpress is used in schools, universities and training agencies to keep students focused and engaged. Mix a presentation with questions about the subject that is being educated to make it more interactive and fun! Start a discussion about answers given and ‘gamify’ your session by showing intermediate leaderboards. van Marle Consultancy, specializing in dangerous goods […]

QuizXpress at Sea

QuizXpress pubquiz gameshow on cruise ship

Brittany Ferries, Viking Line and Tallink Silja are examples of ferry and cruise lines that use QuizXpress on their fleet. A range of branded quizzes is created and distributed to each vessel. Adults, families or kids, they are all treated with an exciting game show!