• Erleben Sie die Show!

    Erleben Sie die Show!

    • Spieleranzahl bis 2000 Personen
    • Steuerbahr mit funkgestützte Abstimmgeräte oder Buzzern
    • Kein Stift und Papier

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  • Design im QuizXpress Studio

    Design im QuizXpress Studio

    • Erstellen Sie Ihr quiz in der bedieningsfreundlichen Benutzeroberfläche
    • Bildern\Video\Audio mit Effekten
    • Verschiedene Schablonen und Spiel-Modi

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  • QuizXpress Anwendungen

    QuizXpress Anwendungen

    • Kneipenquiz und Veranstaltungen
    • Aus- und Weiterbildung
    • Fernsehshows

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  • Machen Sie die Show komplett mit Mini games!

    Machen Sie die Show komplett mit Mini games!

    • Pferderennen
    • Glücksrad
    • Kartenspiel
    • Becherspiel

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  • Besuchen Sie unseren Shop!

    Besuchen Sie unseren Shop!

    • Funkgestützte Abstimmgeräte
    • LED buzzern, pfosten und quiz tischen mit buzzer
    • Alle Produkte auf Lager

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An overview of QuizXpress Live! features


With QuizXpress Live! you can ‘play’ the quiz that you’ve created in QuizXpress Studio. QuizXpress Live! takes care of presenting the questions to the teams, keeps track of the scores, listens to the quizmaster and plays all kinds of sounds. During the show, the presenter has access to various options like showing response charts and showing intermediate score overviews.

Core features

Feature Description
QuizXpress Director Director gives you complete control over the running quiz (from a secondary PC screen) allowing you to edit points, add teams, swap keypads, run minigames, play arbitrary media files, see who still needs to vote etc.
Skinning support Skinning lets you change practically every visible aspect of the quiz player so you can make it look fully according to your own taste or your companies house style.
Wireless buzzers/keypads QuizXpress works with a variety of buzzer devices. Currently supported are wireless QuizXpress keypads and buzzers (up to 2000 players), wired or wireless Sony Buzz buzzers, Fleetwood Reply Mini keypads (up to 250 players), the keyboard and the PC's game port (e.g. to work with your custom hardware).
Wireless scoreboard support Automaticall show the player's current score on a professional wireless operated scoreboard (extra receiver required)
Galaxy RGB LED devices Provide individual feedback to your audience using wireless RGB wristbands (extra receiver required) or spheres. The devices for example indicate if a player answered right or wrong on the last question
Quizmaster remote control QuizXpress Live can be controlled using the keyboard, the QuizXpress remote control (when using QuizXpress keypads) or a standard wireless PowerPoint presenter.
Customizable sound effects You can fully configure the sounds effects such as when a player hits the buzzer, when a correct answers is given, when an incorrect answer is given etc. QuizXpress comes with a library of sounds but you can add your own as well.
Simulate audience To test your quiz you can run it against a simulated audience which will respond randomly to the presented questions.
Intermediate score screens In between questions, there are several options to display the scores (overall scores, last question scores, with or without timing information etc). Individual scores can be changed and players can be excluded/included in these screens.
Response chart The result of a voting (everyone answers) question can be visualized in a chart.
Response grid   A grid showing for all participants if the the last answer given for a multiple choice question was correct or wrong
Group support Split your audience in competing groups and sum or avarage the points
Randomize questions Select a subset of all your questions and play them in a random order so your quiz looks different every time (usefull when you're on a tradeshow).
Auto-advance To run the quiz stand-alone you can make it go to the next question automatically after a configurable period of time. Combining this with auto-restart and randomize questions gives you the option the run a quiz in a trade show booth without have to take care of it.
Auto recovery In case a catastrophic failure happens and the PC crashes, QuizXpress will restart and continue where you left off without loosing any data. You can even save recovery data to an external USB drive to survive a hard disk crash
Up to 2000 players Run a quiz smoothly with up 2000 simultaneous players. QuizXpress is proven technology that you can rely on for your big events.
Configurable player names You can play anonymously where players are identified by their keypad number or you can load or enter a table with names for a personalized approach


For the different quiz games that you can build, please see the QuizXpress Studio feature overview


QuizXpress minigames

To complete your game/quiz show, QuizXpress Live can be enhanced with various minigame (plugin) modules. Some are included for free and for others a license is requred. Minigames can be started on the fly from QuizXpress Director or can be embedded pre-configured in the quizfile so they start automatically.

Minigame License Description
Card Game Required A visual card game where the audience needs to predict the next card with their keypads (higher/lower or red/black). When the prediction is wrong the player is dismissed until all cards are done or no one is left. The card deck can be customized to show your logo
Virtual Horserace Required   A full fledged, 3D, visually stunning, virtual horsetrack where your audience can bet on a particular horse to win. There are two tracks and you can even add your own billboards along the track
Cups and balls Required The famous street game where your audience must guess under which cup the ball is after the cups were shuffled around. Includes various options such as the number of cups, the shuffle speed, the logo on the cups etc.
Wheel of Fortune Required  The well known Wheel of Fortune that can be used to give away prizes, randomly select a player, add bonus points to the quiz scsores etc.
Clock and Slideshow Free A module that can show a digital clock (for example to indicate a break during your quiz), show a picture slideshow with sophisticated transitions or alternate between the two.
Randomizer Free A module to randomly select one ore more players from your audience using interesting visual effects.
Performance Ranking Free Lets the audience judge a performance to earn bonus points in the quiz. Can be used together with the Randomizer to first pick a random performer.


We also develop custom minigames. if you have an interesting idea, please let us know.


Spielen Sie mit 4 bis 2000 Teilnehmern.
Standard oder erweiterte Features.


QuizXpress unterstützt eine Vielzahl von Buzzer-Systemen.


Wat ist QuizXpress ?
Wie funktioniert QuizXpress?

QuizXpress macht alles!

Die All-in-One-Game-Show-Lösung!

QuizXpress does it all!


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