An overview of QuizXpress Studio Features

QuizXpress Studio is used to create your quiz. You can compose great-looking quizzes as easy as ABC, without being a computer genius or design guru. QuizXpress is very user friendly and intuitive and offers lots of possibilities.

Core features:

Feature Description
Multilanguage user interface QuizXpress can be configured for the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, and Dutch. Note that you can create quizzes in any language
WYSIWYG design environment QuizXpress Studio is a graphical design environment optimized for visually developping your quizzes as efficient as possible.
Multiple visual styles Different visual styles are available for your quiz questions (such as Professional, Glassy, Sport, Movie and Formula1).
Professional backgrounds A pack of professional looking backgrounds is included 
Import from Excel Import your questions directly from an Excel spreadsheet including pictures, multiple choice questions etc.
PDF export Export your quiz as a PDF booklet as a reference for the quiz master. Click here for an example. For each question you can add notes that will be included in the PDF document.
HTML export Export your quiz as a HTML/JavaScript based website that allows people to play your quizzes online.
Multimedia support Use pictures (including animated GIF files), sound and video in your quiz.
Picture effects You can define various real-time effects (such as spotlight, puzzle, twist, mosaic, zoom etc.) to create 'Get the Picture' type questions. 
Sound effects When adding a music fragment you can set a speed/pitch effect that changes over time to create 'Whats that sound' questions
Copy/Paste quiz slides Copy and Paste entire quiz slides in your quiz or between different quizzes (to build libraries of quiz questions)
Tabular data entry As an alternative to the graphical mode you can quickly enter your questions in a table. The graphical slides will be created for you from this table.
Categories Predefined or custom categories allow you to quickly format a quiz slide. This helps you create different styles for example to indicate the subject of a question (Science, Literature, Movie etc.)
Widescreen support The ratio for quiz slides can be set such that it matches the dimensions of a widescreen monitor/TV.
>20 predefined layouts More then 20 predefined layouts for your quiz slides. With 2-5 multiple choice answers, 1-4 pictures, video or other combinations. You can change the layout manually afterwards.
Shapes Add arbitrary shapes/pictures to your quiz slides. The visibility of the shapes can be configured such that they hide, or show, after the question has been answered.

Supported game formats/modes:

Feature Description
Fastest finger The player that hits the buzzer first gets to answer a question. If the answer is wrong, the player is excluded from that question and other players get a chance to answer.
Everyone answers (voting) Every player can answer the question. When all players have answered, the given answers are judged by the system and points are given.
Open questions The first player to hit the buzzers gets to answer the question. The quizmaster decides if the answer is correct.
Last man standing All players with a wrong answer are immediately dismissed. You can organize this per round
Decreasing points The points one can win with a correct answer decreases as the countdown proceeds.
Wager questions Players can bet a percentage of their total score on the result of the following question.
Majority Rules A type of question where the correct answer depends on what answer is most choosen by the audience.
Multiple correct answers A question can have more then one correct answer and you can set the 'correctness' per answer (resulting in different points)
Ordered answers You can create questions where the answer must be provided in a particular order
Elimination rounds After each round of questions, a percentage of the players with the lowest scores will automatically be dismissed.
Demographic groups You can split your audience in multiple competing groups (e.g. Men against Women for a 'Battle of the Sexes'). The scores for all the members of a group will be summed to make a total score for the group.
First comes, first served You can configure a question such that only the first N answers are accepted. This make a more exciting game as people need to answer before the maximum has been reached.
Embedded minigames QuizXpress has several professional looking minigames that can be embedded in the quizfile


Other features:

Feature Description
Automated test When you're done developing your quiz you can start a 'simulated' run where the system will generate input as if there is an audience present.
Pack function This function packs the quiz together with all your external media files so you can easily move it to another computer or send it to your customers if you are a content provider
Image effects There are basic image editing features to for example make a picture black and white, rotate it, show a dropshadow, make sepia etc.
Quizmaster Notes You can add notes to each question that are visible during the quiz in QuizXpress Director and are included in the PDF export
Virtual Keypad QuizXpress comes with a virtual (on-screen) keypad that you can use to test your quiz even if you don't have any physical hardware connected
Device Programmer The QuizXpress Basic and Plus keypads and the QuizXpress Buzzers can be programmed by yourself with the Device Programmer. This allows you to renumber devices, combine, split or extend hardware sets giving you full flexibility over your hardware.


QuizXpress Live!

Play your Quiz in QuizXpress Live,the ultimate Quiz Experience!

 Using wireless keypads, 1 to 2000 people can join!

QuizXpress Analyzer

Afterwards, zoom in on quiz results with QuizXpress Analyzer.

Who answered what in which time on which question ?

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