build it. play it. host it. sell it.

The QuizXpress game show software suite contains various modules helping you in each phase of your game show

Build it.
QuizXpress Studio

QuizXpress Studio mascotte
QuizXpress Studio, the game show software design environment, shown on widescreen monitor

Building branded game shows hasn't been easier with our game show software

Design your branded multimedia quizzes in the QuizXpress Studio game show software, our highly configurable, user friendly quiz design environment which supports a range of built in design styles and well known quiz formats:

  • Everyone answers or ‘fastest finger’ questions
  • Audio, video and music questions
  • Create Jeopardy©, Who wants to be a Millionaire©, Majority Rules©, Family Feud©, Last Man Standing© or wager style questions and rounds
  • And much more!

Want to poll the opinion of your audience? QuizXpress Studio can also be used to create audience polling questions.

Play it.
QuizXpress Live!

QuizXpress mascotte favicon
Game Show software used at Quiz event in arena with boxing ring and megtron with cheering audience

Let the games begin! Focus on presenting and let the quiz player do the math

With QuizXpress Live!, the quiz player of the game show software, you can ‘play’ the quiz that you’ve created in QuizXpress Studio. It takes care of :

  • Presenting the questions
  • Presenting the countdown clock and points to be won
  • Collecting the players responses
  • Keeping track of the scores and active players
  • Handling audio, video and picture effects
  • Listening to quizmaster commands like showing score overviews and response charts

Host it.
QuizXpress Director

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Stay in full control during the show with our quiz master control panel

QuizXpress Director gives you full control over a game show! It runs on the laptop while the game show is being shown on the big screen. Just a glimpse of what you can do with QuizXpress Director:

  • See all questions, answers, and notes
  • See live responses from all players
  • Manage scores
  • Show intermediate scores, round scores, response graphs, and many other overviews on the game show screen
  • Start mini games on the fly

Want to walk around? Use the QuizXpress presenter remote or the QuizXpress Director app on your phone!

Sell it.
QuizXpress Quiz Center

Quiz center mascotte

Start your own quiz business. Distribute branded, protected quiz content to subscribers

QuizXpress game show software can be monetized by using it to create branded game shows for your events, pubquizzes or for your clients’ events.

Another way to monetize QuizXpress is to become a quiz content distributor. Create recurring (weekly, daily, monthly) quizzes and publish them to your subscribers who are charged a recurring fee.

Subscribers have access to QuizXpress Quiz Center which allows them to:

  • Download and play published quizzes with QuizXpress Live!, the QuizXpress quiz player
  • Create playlists of quizzes and mini games
  • Play stand-alone mini games
  • See a score history of all quizzes played

Want to provide hotel chains, pub chains, or holiday parks with branded, high-profile game shows? Quiz Center is the solution!

About QuizXpress game show software

QuizXpress is the all-in-one game show software and hardware solution for creating branded multimedia TV-Style game shows! Whether it’s head to head, a massive game show with thousands of players or anything in between, QuizXpress handles it all.

Use buzzers, keypads or mobile phones, play additional crowd games or hook up your lightning rig for the ultimate TV Show experience. It’s all possible with QuizXpress!