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QuizXpress supports a variety of mini games which you can play with your whole audience to further spice up your game shows. Mini games include skill games and guessing games. Other extensions allow you to include number or trivia Bingo, karaoke contests, hold an auction for your fundraiser or even to integrate your lighting rig into the setup to go for the ultimate game show atmosphere!

QuizXpress mini games collage

Mini game features

Insert into your quiz

Insert a mini game into your quiz and configure it so you are fully setup on the event

Launch during a quiz

Start a mine game crowd game during a quiz by using QuizXpress Director

Fully brandable

Add your own branding to the games

Lots of options

Lots of configuration options for each game
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Horse racing

horse racing crowd control game icon

In this mini game, let your audience bet on a horse using their buzzer or phone to win extra points. The race runs for 30, 50 or 90 seconds. The game can be configured using a variety settings. You can even use your own logo or brand to be displayed on the billboards at the side of the track.

Tell the audience to scream for their horse and the crowd will go wild!

Cups and Balls

cups and balls crowd control game icon
Let your audience guess under which cup the ball is. Various configuration options such as speed and number of cups. Let your audience or selected players win prizes or points! Customizable cups, background and table, use your own logo or brand.
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Penalty Shootout

soccer crowd control game icon
Enter a stadium full of cheering and chanting supporters and bet on the outcome of a penalty shootout. The billboards in the stadium are configurable which enables you to use your own logo or brand!

Card Game

cardgame crowd control game icon
Let’s play cards! The card game allows your audience to predict whether the next card is red/black or higher/lower. Players can win points if they survive a configurable number of cards, or if they are the last man standing. You can use you own logo on the cards.
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Number and trivia Bingo

Bingo balls picture

QuizXpress also contains an advanced Bingo extension. Play regular number Bingo or Trivia Bingo, a cross between Trivia and Bingo!

Use all functionality of QuizXpress to design your quiz slides showing on the big screen. The correct answers being text, numbers or even pictures will appear on the Bingo card on the mobile phones of the players. 

Use trivia, famous faces, movies, hit songs, it’s up to you!

Play as a full game or as a round in your game show.


Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune crowd control game icon

Spin the wheel and let your audience or selected players win a prize or win\loose points! Alternatively, fill the wheel with players. Various configuration options

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Chrono Challenge

The chrono challenge is a game of precision. The idea is to count the time and press the buzzer as close as possible to a certain amount of seconds. Be the closest and win bonus points!

Simon Says

Train your brain and beat your fellow players with Simon Says! Simon Says is a game of memory and reflexes that challenges players to mimic a sequence of lights. 

Rock Paper Scissors

The classic Rock Paper Scissors game. Win points by beating the computer and try to defeat your fellow players to be the last man standing!

Performance ranking

performance ranking crowd control game icon

Use the performance ranking crowd game to host talent and karaoke competitions. The audience\players can rank a performance of one of the other players. Lots of configuration and branding options to play audio or video along with the performance.

This is a free module included with the QuizXpress license

QuizXpress performance ranking mini game asking audience to give their votes
QuizXpress auction mini game module screenshot


Auction crowd control game icon

Extend your (fundraiser) game show with an auction!

The auction extension has a variety of configuration options.

While the amount increases over time, participants click their buzzer or mobile when they are no longer interested in the item currently auctioned.

Clock and slideshow

clock and slideshow icon

The clock and slideshow extension can either show a digital (countdown) clock, a picture slideshow with cool transition effects or a mix of both.

Use during breaks to keep the audience informed when the show will continue and as well show some advertisements. 

This is a free module included with the QuizXpress license

Clock mingame showing remaining duration of break
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Minigame randomizer icon

The Randomizer can be used to randomly draw one or more players/teams from the audience, for example to raffle a price, pick the candidate for a karaoke performance, play a game or do something else to complete your game show night.

This is a free module included with the QuizXpress license.

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Messagebroker icon

DMX Integration

With the help of the QuizXpress Messagebroker module you can control external devices like DMX lights, sound generators or smoke machines automatically while running a quiz.

Allow a variety of events happening in QuizXpress (for example: a specific player buzzes in, next slide is shown, a given answer was correct\incorrect) to trigger your equipment.

Design your stage lightning and take your Quiz show to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can insert mini games into a quiz and configure them when creating a quiz, or you can choose to configure and start a mini game during a game show from QuizXpress Director. 

You can add the crowd control games to your license as a single time purchase. The randomizer, performance ranking and clock mini games are free mini games which are part of the QuizXpress license.

Points won or lost during a mini game affect the points of a player.

You can purchase the mini games when buying your QuizXpress license, being a mobile license or a QuizXpress buzzer bundle.

You can also choose to add one or more mini games to your license after purchasing a license. QuizXpress contains evaluation versions of all mini games so you can first give them a try!

You can use the mini games with all types of buzzers. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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