Play classic number Bingo or Trivia Bingo in QuizXpress!

Create the Bingo game in QuizXpress Studio as a round in your game show or as a full game, using all the visual design options that QuizXpress Studio offers.

Players play along with the game in the Smart Buzzer app, which shows the Bingo card and a button to make a Bingo call. As such a QuizXpress Mobile license is required.

Create a classic number Bingo or a Trivia Bingo, which is a mix between Bingo and trivia.

The Bingo card on the phone contains the answers (which can be text or a picture) to the questions shown on the bigscreen.

Bingo handling is fully automatic, no need for the host to manually check the card.


$ 168.61

Estimated delivery time 1-3 days depending on your location. Licenses are provided immediately.

Play number or Trivia Bingo

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