Add an extra dimension to your Game Show

With QuizXpress Galaxy

QuizXpress Galaxy devices offer an extra level of interaction for the players! They are wireless, full color LED devices that add fun and exciting options to the show. 

Use wristbands for personal feedback to the players or put a Sphere on a table when playing in a group. 

QuizXpress Galaxy features

Instant vote feedback

Shows a player whether the question was answered correctly or incorrectly.

Fire up the Disco

During breaks, use the lights to increase the atmosphere


Pick out a lucky winner! The lights indicate which player(s) win a prize

You're in or out ?

Playing a last man standing round or or other format where players can be dropped out of the game ? The red lights tell you who is out!

QuizXpress Galaxy devices

Galaxy QuizXpress quiz Polsband

Galaxy Wristband

  • Full Color LED light
  • Rechargeable 
  • Range up to 150 meters / 450 feet 
Galaxy QuizXpress Sphere Groen

Galaxy Sphere

  • Full Color LED light
  • Powered by 2 D batteries
  • Range up to 150 meters / 450 feet

QuizXpress Scoreboards

Do you want scores of players to be shown continuously ? 

QuizXpress scoreboards automatically show the scores of a certain player. Often used in combination with buzzers or buzzer columns for TV Shows or final rounds where the top ranked players are invited to the stage.

The scoreboards are powered by 3 D type Batteries. They are available for automatic operation together with QuizXpress, using a USB receiver plugged into the computer or as a standalone version (no computer required) where points need to be manually added using a remote control.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase a kit of Galaxy devices you will receive a new license key which activates galaxy support in QuizXpress. 

The galaxy wristband kit contains a charger allowing you to charge up to 120 wristbands at the same time.

Each buzzer as well as each Galaxy device have a unique id. in QuizXpress, you can predefine which keypad uses which galaxy device so that you can already prepare the handout during an event.

You cannot use Galaxy with QuizXpress Mobile

Do you have any other questions ? Please do not hesitate to contact us