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QuizXpress Live! transforms quizzes created in QuizXpress Studio to a real TV Game Show!

It's time to start quizzing! QuizXpress Live! takes care of presenting the quiz to the players, keeps track of scores, and plays all kinds of configurable sounds.  The quizmaster has complete control over the show by using QuizXpress Director. It allows among others to see all questions, answers, notes, edit points, add teams, run mini games, play arbitrary media files and see response statistics.

Quizzing of the 21st century, no pens and paper and no time for googling!

High quality graphics

High quality graphics for that TV quality game show vibe!

Play from
1 - 4000

Play individually, with small crowds or with the masses!

Apply your own branding

Create unique tailored experiences to match your companies or events brand identity

Control with QuizXpress Director

The quiz host takes full control of the show with QuizXpress Director

The Center of the Show


Start quizzing with QuizXpress Live!, the center of the game show. It presents the quiz that was created in QuizXpress Studio while at the same time listening to the audience’s responses and the quiz master instructions. The countdown, points to be won and players responding are clearly visible on screen. QuizXpress Live! spices up the show with additional video and audio to give it that TV-style quality!

And moderate

As a quiz master, you have full control over the quiz. You can show intermediate score overviews, charts, show who was right and who was wrong for a certain question, and lots more! At the same time, you can see live responses, see all questions, answers and notes, and even amend questions, answers, or points manually if you need to.

Interaction from the quiz master with the quiz takes place through the QuizXpress remote control or computer keyboard. For more advanced interaction use QuizXpress Director, which is available on the computer running the quiz or as an app available for iOS and Android.

Features of QuizXpress Live!

 TV-Style game shows that will be talked about for years

Presentation of the quiz

Start quizzing with QuizXpress Live! The quiz player presents a quiz created in QuizXpress Studio spicing it up with additional audio and video to create that TV Show vibe!

Next to the clock counting down, QuizXpress Live! shows various other information to the audience as the question progresses, like the number of points to be won, the number of responses received or who was the fastest person buzzing in!

Support for Buzzers, Mobile devices or a mix of those​

The quiz players supports a range of buzzers like our keypads or plus keypads, dome buzzers, or buzzer tables.

Alternatively let the audience play along with their phones by either using the QuizXpress Smart Buzzer app available for iOS and Android or by using our website

You can mix hardware buzzers and mobile phones too with all players being onsite, or partly offsite following the show through a stream.

Apply branding

In addition to branding the slides in QuizXpress Studio while creating the quiz, you can configure various aspects of the game show ran in QuizXpress Live! .

By using a process we call 'Skinning' you can go even a step further. With skinning, you can change practically every visible aspect of the quiz player so you can make it look fully according to your own taste or your companies or events house style.

Keep track of scores

Points counting down over time? Bonus points? Wager questions? Penalty points?

QuizXpress Live! takes care of all point administration, no more manual counting.

You can always choose to manually change a score, for example due to an activity taking place outside of the quiz. Or undo the last questions score in case of a dispute (remember though the quiz master is always right!).

No googling / cheating

As countdown time is limited, googling an answer during a question is hard. Use decreasing points over time to award fast answers. And optionally introduce penalty points for wrong answers to discourage guessing.

Show live scores, round scores and various other overviews​

Show intermediate scores, round scores, round score winners, correct\incorrect overviews or response charts at any preferred moment. ​

Customizable buzzer sounds and sound effects

Assign buzzer sounds to every buzzer. Mobile phone players can even choose their own buzzer sound!

Buzzer sounds are used for fastest finger questions, bonus points reveal and (intermediate) score overviews.

Reliable with Auto recovery

QuizXpress Live! stores all quiz data during a quiz. Whenever the quiz has to be restarted for some reason, it will ask you whether you want to continue where you left off, restoring the points of all players.

Want to take fault safety even a level further? Insert a USB stick into the computer and move to a backup computer when the computer breaks down.

Support for wireless scoreboards and Galaxy LED devices

Add other peripherals to the show like our wireless scoreboards or Galaxy LED devices.

Galaxy LED wristbands provide feedback to each player while playing the quiz. Use them for last man standing quizzes to tell who is out of the game, to draw a lucky winner out of the crowd or as an additional lightning rig while playing music during breaks!

In control of the Quiz

Meet QuizXpress Director

A running quiz can be controlled with the QuizXpress presenter remote or with the computer keyboard.

QuizXpress Director is the quiz master control panel giving full control over the quiz. It is available on the computer running the quiz in two forms:

  • As a window running on the laptop screen while the game show is presented on an external screen connected to the laptop.
  • Running on the laptop when playing with the QuizXpress Smart Buzzer app on mobile phones without using an external screen. Questions, answers, pictures and score overviews are shown on the mobile phone in this case.We refer to this as ‘headless mode’.

Alternatively, QuizXpress Director is available as an app on iOS and Android. The app allows you to walk around during the quiz while having all controls at your fingertips!

Director App

Director on computer

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QuizXpress Director Features

You're in control

Director gives you full control over a running quiz. Move through the questions, show scores or charts, start and configure mini games and even play sounds using the built in soundboard!

All information at your fingertips

See questions, answers, notes, response statistics and bonus point winners

Quiz and teams management

Manage player- and teamnames,
scores and questions during a quiz.

Analyze Quiz results

Meet QuizXpress Analyzer

During a quiz, all answers given by the participants are collected in QuizXpress Live! and stored on the computer. With QuizXpress Analyzer you can trace back the results of all quizzes played. 

By opening the results of a quiz you can see who gave which answer, on which question, in how much time. You can see the score development per player or team and compare scores between players.

For instance, after a company training, use QuizXpress to evaluate the effectiveness of your communication. In this case, QuizXpress Analyzer gives you the insights to adjust your material and methods. 

Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel as a spreadsheet, or saved as a PDF document.

Frequently Asked Questions

An internet connection isn’t required when playing with buzzers. 

An internet connection is only required when the audience plays along with Mobile phones through the internet. For onsite events, you can also choose to use Mobile phones without an internet connection.

QuizXpress Live is included in all QuizXpress licenses.

Depending on your license (buzzer license/mobile license/full license) you can use buzzers, mobile phones or a mix of both.

You can show leader boards, response charts and other overviews at any moment during the show by using QuizXpress Director or the computer keyboard.  

You can choose to add mini games to the game show while creating it in QuizXpress Studio, or start mini games during a game show by using QuizXpress Director.

QuizXress Director, the quiz master control panel, can be used in two ways.

On the computer, when attaching a second screen and extending the desktop, you can show QuizXpress Director on the computer by pressing D.

Included with the QuizXpress Mobile license is the QuizXpress Director app, available for iOS and Android.

QuizXpress currently isn’t available for the Mac. If you own a Mac and still want to use QuizXpress, several options are available.

Any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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