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QuizXpress Mobile buzzer

Three phones showing the mobile buzzer questions of different types

Your all-in-one mobile buzzer

The QuizXpress Mobile buzzer turns your phone or tablet into a quiz buzzer, albeit a very special one!

Multiple choice, letter- number- and text questions,  fastest finger questions. One correct answer, multiple correct answers, ordered answers. Picture questions, with or without effects. Scores and charts. Just some of the many many options!

The participants of your game show or live poll can use the QuizXpress mobile buzzer to play along in your virtual pubquiz or onsite event. When playing onsite you can also let the players connect to a local WiFi spot announced by the host, without an internet connection being required.

Running onsite quiz events

When running onsite quiz pubquizzes or events, the game show is typically presented on a big screen while the players play along on their phones using the Smart buzzer app. As the Smart buzzer displays all information too, you can also choose to play without a big screen.

The quiz player supports playing using an internet connection on the computer. Players need to enter a PIN code shown onscreen in the quiz player to enter the quiz.

Alternatively, a local WiFi access point can be used, without an internet connection being required. The players connect their phone to the access point and press connect to enter the quiz.

In our shop you can find small, convenient WiFi access points allowing you to play with up to 50 players using the Mobile buzzer.
QuizXpress Mobile onsite event using local WiFi infographic

Running virtual quiz events

For a virtual pubquiz or live poll QuizXpress Live! is shown to the audience using a streaming platform.

A pin code is shown onscreen in the quiz player which the players see on the stream. The PIN code is the access code for the players to enter the quiz.

Players enter the PIN code and their name on the welcome screen of the Smart Buzzer mobile buzzer and enter the virtual pubquiz!

You do not want the audience to install the app? Alternatively you can use the online buzzer on our website or
The buzzerpad website is a virtual replacement of our physical keypad with 6 multiple choice buttons and a fastest finger button.
QuizXpress Mobile virtual event infographic

Website or Mobile buzzer App

Don’t want to install an app? Use the online buzzer on our buzzerpad website. 

A mobile buzzer available in any browser. 

QuizXpress Mobile buzzerpad
buzzerpad website
QuizXpress Smart Buzzer

Mobile buzzer supported Question types

The QuizXpress Smart buzzer supports a range of question types 

Fastest Finger

Push the buzzer, lock out all other players and give the answer!

Multiple Choice

Two up to six answers.
Multiple correct answers
Ordered answers
Eliminator - incorrect answers disappearing over time
Live polls

Letters and Numbers

Alphabet grid, number grid or full text answers


Pictures can be used as answers
Reveal the picture with picture effects!
Two phones using the mobile buzzer showing a branded Smart buzzer

In-app Branding and advertising

As a quiz host, you can apply your own branding to several aspects of the QuizXpress Smart Buzzer app shown on the phones of the players. Choose your own background, color scheme and footer logo for the mobile buzzer. Show a custom welcome image to the players waiting for the quiz to start.

During breaks, send special offers or advertisements to the phones.

Two phones using the mobile buzzer showing an advertisement sent from QuizXpress Live!, the QuizXpress quiz player

Other Smart Buzzer features

A unique mobile Quiz buzzer in your pocket

Onscreen display of all relevant information

The countdown clock, points to be won, the player name, the question, answers, pictures and reponse charts for live polls. It's all onscreen!


Select a jingle at the beginning of a quiz which acts as your buzzer sound, bonus point winner sound and leaderboard sound if you're first! Soundboard/tickets/groups.

Play in Teams

Join together and let players play in teams in your virtual or onsite pubquiz!
Show team or individual scores.

Thumbs up \
Thumbs down

On fastest finger questions, the host can choose to ask the other players whether they agree or disagree with the answer given by the fastest finger player, allowing everyone to win (or lose) points!

Leaderboard on phone

Show scores on all players' phones at any moment.

Bonus Points

Assign bonus points to the fastest three players answering a question. Bonus points winners are revealed at the end of a question. If jingles are setup, the jingle of the top bonus point winner is played.

Chart on phone

After a question ends, the response distribution can be shown on all players phones. Build up suspense before revealing the answer! Or show votes for live polls

Participate in Mini Games

Interact with the mini games such as horseracing, cups and balls and penalty shootout on the phone.

Sell Tickets

Monetize your virtual pubquiz by selling tickets.

QuizXpress Director host App

The QuizXpress Director app gives the quiz host full control of the quiz. Next to seeing all questions and answers, notes, players and points he or she can interact with the quiz player. Advance through the slides, show intermediate scores and response charts, initiate thumbs up/thumbs down polls and much more!

The app shows bonus point winners and response data (correct/incorrect/not answered) after each question.

To further spice up the show start a mini-game or play some funny sounds from the configurable soundboard!

Hand holding QuizXpress Director app showing questions overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. You can choose to  play through the internet or without an internet connection by using a local WiFi router, which we provide in our shop. In this case players use the QuizXpress Smart Buzzer app.

Using the QuizXpress Smart Buzzer app, available for iOS and Android, is optional when playing online or through an internet connection.

You can also let the audience play through our or website. 

The app does provide you with several benefits like letter,number and text questions and onscreen display of questions and answers onscreen.

The app is also suited to play on a local WiFi network without any internet available.

The current maximum number of players is 5000 when playing through the internet.

For playing onsite without an internet connection through a WiFi access point, the maximum number depends on the local WiFi infrastructure.

We offer WiFi access points in our shop allowing you to play with up to 50 players.

You can restrict access to a quiz by players by providing them with an access code that can be used to enter the quiz.

Yes you can! Give your audience the option to play with buzzers or by using their mobile phone.

In this case, do not use question types that are supported on the phone like letter,number or text questions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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