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with QuizXpress Studio trivia software

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Building branded game shows hasn't been easier in QuizXpress Studio trivia maker

Create Quizzes in the blink of an eye

Design your branded multimedia quizzes in QuizXpress Studio, our highly configurable, user friendly game show software which supports a range of built in design styles and well known quiz formats. You don't have to be a computer expert to create spectacular quizzes in the QuizXpress Studio trivia maker!

Range of built-in game show formats

Design your game show using a mix of famous game show formats and constructs

Lots of predefined slide layouts

Open or multiple choice questions, with or without pictures or video, announcement slides? It's all there!

Fully brandable

Brand your game show on various levels in our user friendly trivia maker

Ready to go Styles

Use the built- in professionally looking styles to create that game show feel!

Your game show toolbox

Design your own game show formats...

In the QuizXpress Studio game show software, you can use a variety of well-known game show formats and question types to create the game show that you envision.

Using the user-friendly software, mix any type of question, score overview, game format or crowd game and organize the game show the way you want it! 

And brand them

Use your own logo’s or house style to create a truly unique expierence! ‘Brand’ each slide of the game show using the built in templates or create and use your own designs.

You can even brand the mini games. How about adding your own billboards next to the horse racing track ?

Supported Game Formats and Modes

QuizXpress Studio trivia maker supports a wide range of well-known, popular game formats and modes.

Fastest Finger

Hit the buzzer first and lock out the other players! Make sure to answer the question correctly to win points or you will get locked out for the remainder of the question!

Multiple Correct and Ordered questions

Questions can have multiple correct answers. Or use an an ordered question and let the players put the answers in the correct order!

Everyone Answers

Every player can answer the question. Once everybody has answered or countdown ran out, QuizXpress judges all answers and updates the scores.

Want to just poll your audience for opinions without any score element? This is possible with the Audience Response question type.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Play a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire round with the crowd. How fast can you climb the ladder?

Last Man Standing

Got the answer wrong? You are out of the game (or current round). Who will be the Last (wo)man Standing?

Family Feud and Majority Rules

Choose the most popular answer and win the most points.

Wager question

Bet a number (or percentage of) your points on the next question.

Decreasing Points

Points go down over time. Respond faster and win more points. Be careful though, incorrect answers can (optionally) be penalized!


Create a round of Jeopardy. Let players choose subject and difficulty of the questions.

Is QuizXpress Studio all I need?

Meet QuizXpress Live!

After you designed your quizzes QuizXpress Studio it is time to play and host the game show! The QuizXpress game show software comes with a quiz player called QuizXpress Live! The quiz player takes care of presenting the questions, calculating scores, showing score overviews and much more! 

Other QuizXpress Studio Features

Next to the game formats and modes described above, QuizXpress Studio game show software has much more to offer!

More than 20 predefined layouts

QuizXpress Studio trivia maker comes with more than 20 predefined layouts for your quiz slides. With 2-6 multiple choice answers, 1-4 pictures, video or other combinations.

Embed mini games

Mini games such as horse racing, cups and balls and penalty shootout can be launched on the spot during a game show, but can be embedded into a game show when designing the show in QuizXpress Studio too.

Picture and video effects

Use various real-time effects (such as spotlight, puzzle, twist, mosaic, zoom etc.) to create 'Get the Picture' type questions. Apply effects to videos in order to reveal them.

Professional backgrounds

Use one of the many included professional looking backgrounds.

Slide templates

By using slide templates you can easily apply designs to quiz slides. Use in combination with Excel import to quickly populate and brand your quizzes!

Settings per slide

Configure lots of options such as countdown time, (diminishing) points, penalty points and much more per slide.

Multimedia support

Use pictures, sounds and videos in your quiz.

Sound effects

Use speed/pitch effects to create 'Whats that sound' questions. Or let the computer read out text for song lyrics questions.​

Excel import

Speed up quiz creation by importing questions directly from an Excel spreadsheet.

Bilingual quiz content

Create quizzes for a bilingual audience and show content in two languages onscreen


Add additional pictures or texts to your quiz slides that show or hide after a question has been answered. Also allows you to show hints during countdown.

Multilingual user interface

QuizXpress Studio supports the following languages: English, French, Italian, German and Dutch. Note that you can create quizzes in any language.

Bonus points

Assign extra points to the three fastest correct answering players for an 'everyone answers' question. During a quiz, bonus point winners are shown on screen after the question!

Copy\Paste Quiz slides

Copy and Paste quiz slides within your quiz or between different quizzes by opening multiple QuizXpress Studios (build libraries of quiz questions and compile new quizzes from this).

PDF export

Export your quiz including notes as a PDF booklet as a reference for the quiz master.

Response charts

Insert a chart on a slide for showing realtime or post question response statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

An internet connection isn’t required when creating (or playing) a quiz. 

Quizzes are stored locally on your computer.

QuizXpress Studio is included in all QuizXpress licenses.

QuizXpress Studio is available in English, French, Dutch, German and Italian. 

Quiz content can be made in any language. Using two languages in one quiz is also supported.

Except from Mini games all game formats are included.

Click here to compare the QuizXpress licenses.

Branding can be applied to all quiz slides as well as mini games.

QuizXpress currently isn’t available for the Mac. If you own a Mac and still want to use QuizXpress, several options are available.

Any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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